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Lenca Rugby is an independent project that was started in order to teach people of all ages in and around La Esperanza and other parts of Honduras how to play rugby union. We also worked using the Internet and social networks to find leaders across the country who could help develop the sport and form a federation. Over the last few years rugby has been growing rapidly and we will continue to provide people at grassroots level with training, equipment and information about rugby. The first combined national training session involved just eight players from both Lenca Rugby and Tegucigalpa Rugby, but now there are several teams across the country and various tournaments thanks to the hard work of many people who have volunteered and literally put their bodies on the line to help the sport.

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About the Lenca People

Lenca, Indians of the northern highlands of Honduras and El Salvador who are somewhat intermediate culturally between the Maya to the north and circum-Caribbean peoples such as the Kuna to the south. It is thought that formerly each village was autonomous, controlled by a chief and a council who managed the village lands and officiated in all disputes.

Today the pattern of organization of Lenca villages varies greatly from town to town. The old class system has disappeared for the most part; although some chiefs, or caciques, still inherit their positions, others are elected. Land is owned by the village and distributed among individuals for farming, the method of distribution varying. The principal crop is corn (maize), although some European crops have been adopted. Crafts include pottery and basketry; the weaving of cloth seems to have been abandoned. In general, the Lenca have been much influenced by the modern cultures around them.

Although nominally Roman Catholic, the Lenca have retained many traditional beliefs and practices. The village shaman plays an important role in curing the sick.

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The first rugby posts in Honduras

Halfway done cutting the grass

Touch rugby with the kids in El Tejar

Tired after a game of rugby

Working with the girls in Yamaranguila

Youth group in Yamaranguila

Ladies rugby

Rugby kids in Santa Anita

Clowning around in Yamaranguila

We had an unusual spectator

Homeless kid in El Tejar


Santa Anita kids

El Tejar kids

Please note that we do not host any photos or content from CISA. This is because we decided to no longer work for that company. The Lenca Rugby project, which we started before working for CISA, will continue functioning independently for now, the way it used to, working with young people and adults in the community who genuinely want to learn a new sport. If you live in or are visiting La Esperanza and wish to volunteer or get involved then please get in touch.

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